New Vehicle Protection

Tailored for new cars straight from the dealership as an alternative to the paint protection packages they offer.
Prefect Detail Car Care have worked at many main dealerships in the past and applied many brands of paint sealants, we know from experience that the cars are never prepared in the correct way due to time scales and targets to be met by the sales team.

Therefore they will never stand up to the extreme weather conditions that they claim and will always need maintaining and looking after with the correct aftercare products.

  • As with all our detailing packages we carry out the same process
  • Multistage safe wash
  • Decontamination process
  • Preparation stages
  • Take paint depth readings
  • Single stage machine polish to remove any defects caused by dealership Valeting and poor wash /preparation process,this also allows us to gain as much gloss and clarity to the paintwork as possible for the ultimate look and protection
  • Ipa or panel wipe paintwork down to remove any oils from polish
  • Apply a nano paint sealant 1k nano from one of the worlds leaders in Detailing products Koch Chemie. It can offer protection for up to 3 years if looked after with the correct aftercare, which we can also offer with regular visits to carry out our maintenance wash

What is ‘detailing’

The term Detailing as we know can be very misunderstanding and easily mistaken as car valeting.

Quite simply the difference is that valeting is the basic cleaning of a vehicles exterior and interior to a level that it looks clean and fresh inside and out.

As this is a basic way of car cleaning, mainly carried out at your local car wash it can cause various surface damage and defects to the vehicles paintwork and wheels by the use of cheap harsh chemicals and the incorrect washing and cleaning techniques.

Here at Perfect Detail Car Care we use our experience and knowledge of the finest car care products available to achieve the best possible finish for your vehicle.

So the Art of Detailing is to restore your vehicles paintwork via various methods of paint correction using a variety of machine polishers and multi stages of polishing, then to apply protection to lock in that gloss and add reflection by the application of a fine show wax or a coating and finally to maintain that look by carrying out one of our maintenance plans.

Cross section of typical paintwork defects

When dirt, grime and even dust are not removed correctly from a vehicle, the incorrect wash process will cause the dirt particles to be moved around the paintwork causing various defects such as; wash marring, swirl marks and scratches.

Damage can also be caused to other areas by cheap car washes using harmful cleaning products such as acidic based chemicals to clean alloy wheels and lower sections of a vehicle, which over time will cause corrosion to the wheels, wheel nuts and caps, brake callipers and exhaust tips etc.

Drive in car washes and inexperienced valeting centres offer a cheap polish service via machine which is often referred to as a buff or mop in which case it would be advised to stay clear of such services, as they will cause the defects such as holograms, swirl marks and random deep scratches and more, as can be seen on the defects diagram below.

All the defects caused by any method of cleaning can be rectified by ourselves to achieve the best possible finish to your vehicle whether an every day car, supercar classic or concours show car.

Prices From

Time required: 1 Day (Approx)

New Vehicle Protection - Perfect Detail Car Care, Staffordshire Mobile Detailing

New Vehicle Protection - Perfect Detail Car Care, Staffordshire Mobile Detailing

New Vehicle Protection - Perfect Detail Car Care, Staffordshire Mobile Detailing

Add on services available

  • Swissvax/Angelwax premium wax upgrades – £30.00
  • Alloy wheels ceramic coated per set – £120.00
  • Converible roof clean/protection – £150.00
  • Engine bay Detailing – £40.00
  • Leather clean/condition – £30.00
  • Glass sealant  – £25.00
    (a Hydrophobic coating to Improve visibility in heavy rain)
  • Brake Caliper/Hub painting –  £150.00
  • Brake caliper restoration/powder coated to OEM standard (eg; Porsche Calipers) – £POA
  • Alloy wheel Refurbishment/powder coated – £65.00
    (Per wheel)
  • Paintless Dent Removal – £POA
  • Vehicle Wrapping – £POA
  • PPF (Paint Protection Film) – £POA

Any of the above services can be added to any of our Bespoke Valeting or Detailing packages.